chilling at santa monica pier
chilling at santa Monica pier

I am sure everybody experienced at some point  that awesome state of mind where everything is just fun either on a spring break or on any trip really,

I often get compliments by random strangers when I am on vacation, whether on what I am wearing or how I look, so every time some girl would tell me you are really cute, I would  always respond by saying:  that’s because I am a tourist.

I can’t stress enough how living as a tourist  full-time can be rewarding, it just doesn’t get any better.

Generally speaking, nobody is rude to a tourist, what I may do sometimes even if I am at my hometown is get into that mindset and act like if I am not a local, from asking people about directions to starting a conversation about what’s good to see in the city, and if I can promise you one thing is that your day will be far better when you do this.

The human nature requires freedom , some people are just born to fly, and if you are like me, then you shouldn’t  wait for somebody to tell you when to come to work , when to take lunch and when to take a vacation, what you can and cannot do.

Now, learning to change yourself is the only way around that as Jim Rohn explains:

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job, if you work harder on your job you can make a living which is fine but if you work harder on yourself you can make a fortune which Is superpower”

Change can be challenging due to many reasons, I am not gonna get into that today, however what I can recommend is to build habits as it is a really powerful tool to get good lasting results.