Moments from my trip to Busan

A lot of people have told me that 10 days is way too long for a visit to Busan. Well I wish I stayed even longer that that. Make sure to read more about My memorable trip to Busan,  and I hope you enjoy this video.

Wise Words From Jim Rohn

A 12 min excerpt from a 4 hour Speech from Jim Rohn that may change your life. “Don’t seek Security, Seek Adventure” ” it’s not important how long you live, it’s important how you live”  

My trip to busan, south korea

After one unforgettable week in Tokyo, I head over to Busan,Korea, following my original itinerary. Now, here is the thing, I knew Tokyo would put the bar way too high and I can’t lie to you I was kind of afraid of getting bored there, but since  Korea was awesome enough to welcome Moroccans with no visa…

Out of gas in the middle of nowhere

  It’s been almost three months on the road already and Hitchhiking have always been something I wanted to try but I still never had the courage to not book that train or bus ticket and instead just take the road and let go of any negative thoughts, meeting other hitchhikers didn’t help much, it…

My trip to Tokyo

Some would call it crazy, some would call it adventurous, and many have already called it irresponsible, my long planning, has just come to an end, and now the fun part has just started. Six months In Asia, first stop Tokyo. Now if you asked me before I got there, what do you know about…